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All Photographs are Copyright © 1997, Vince Long

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Some of My Antique Radios
(This images are from video scans. Better quality silver scans are coming.)
Zenith Model 12-S-370. From about 1939. This was acquired from a home in Billings where it had, mostly likely, spent its entire life. And it works.
Truetone. Model D-930. From about 1940. This was liberated from a thrift store in in St. Paul, MN in 1973. I have refinished the cabinet and cleaned up the chassis. It works well and sounds great.
Silvertone. Metal case. I'm not sure of the year but this was the first radio that my parents owned back in the early 50s. Volume knob is missing but I think that I still have it buried in my "stuff."
General Electric. Model E-155. The chassis evidently had a fire at some time in the past. The cabinet was some attractive so I went ahead and refinshed it. The knobs are not original, nor is the slide rule dial which I made on the computer.
Coronado. Model unknown. Works. Not restored.
RCA. Model 86-T. Not restored. Some chassis heat damage. Metal dial surround and plastic missing.
Stromberg-Carlson. Model 1210. Console, radio, phono. 1948. This unit works.
Hallicrafters. Model S-20. Metal case.
Philmore. Model VC-1000. Crystal radio kit.
Knight. Model unknown. Cabinet only.
Sanyo. Model 7S-P5. Red case. Mid 60s.
Sanyo. Model 7S-P5. Green case. Mid 60s.

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Copyright © 1997, Vince Long