The Tapes

Almost all of the tapes found in this collection, 205 reels, are paper backed tapes. A few were acetate but only a very few. I have nothing to go on to figure whether the correct reels are in their original boxes. Most of the boxes were labeled acurately as to their recorded content and there were no leftover reels or boxes. That said, I assumed that the tape in a box came in that box.

The black boxes are labeled Scotch No. 111 and also indicate that it has a plastic backing. I can tell you that the tape in these boxes is paper tape although there is a sheen to the back side of the paper on this model.

On this page I am including scans of the three boxes, front and back, and scans of the tape from those boxes, front and back. Click on any of the images to see an enlarged version.

Scotch No. 100

Oxide side is on the bottom
Scotch No. 101

Oxide side is on the bottom
Scotch No. 111

Oxide side is on the bottom

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