Title Date Running Time Description File Name Reel
Weather Report x/x/x 3:08 From the airport weather service Billings_Weather-xxxxxx.mp3 k134
TV Clip   15:06 excerpt from Bing Crosby TV show with Buddy Ebsen Bing_Crosby-TV-60s.mp3 k104
Music Show Clip   5:06 Excerpt from some show talking about Les Brown. The male voice said he sang with the band. DJ_Show-Les_Brown.mp3 k108
Misc. Clip 4/10/49 19:21 KBMY Aircheck following Beale; 15 min music program; commercials; news mention of Kathy Fiscus; the Library show talks about books on religion kbmy-01.mp3 k125
Misc. Clip 12/31/51 12:07 Excerpt from KGHL: the end of the Telephone Hour; KGHL ID; Steamboat Jamboree, a local show featuring Lanny Ross recordings. The year on the date is a guess, but should be right. KGHL-Airchek-12-31-51.mp3 k135
Christmas Music   23:49 Christmas recordings from off the air PerryComo-01.mp3 k026
Three Little Pigs x/x/53 3:48 From a 78. With Al (Jazzbo) Collins. Three_Little_Pigs-Jazzbo.mp3 k121

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