Title Date Running Time Description File Name Reel
News Broadcast 3/6/50 22:28 Two news broadcasts from Billings 3/6/50 Billings News-030650.mp3 k092
News Broadcast 11/25//63 3:41 Excerpt of commentary on JFK on the day of his funeral Commentary-JFK.mp3 k110
News Broadcast   30:50 Eisenhower Speaks on Berlin EisenhowerSpeaksonBerlin.mp3 k099
News Broadcast 11/x/52 33:42 From NBC and local stations ElectionReturns-11xx52.mp3 k096
Fulton Lewis 4/11/51 12:24   FultonLewis-041151.mp3 k066
Local News   5:53 End of Morton Downey show followed by local Billings news k027-news-billings.mp3 k027
Republican Convention Coverage   10:05 Repub Convention 1952 k028-clip1.mp3 k028
News Broadcast   2:00 Partial KBMY news about Truman and MacArthur as possible opponents for the Dem nomination k032-clip1.mp3 k033
News Broadcast 9/14/48 4:48 Immediate follows Harry Owens Band program. NBC news. k043-clip1.mp3 k043
Local News x/x/52 12:29 1952 Election Returns from Yellowstone County Precincts k078-clip001.mp3 k078
Local Speech 4/14/52 27:43 Martin Littleton address the Kiwanis on the Constitution Kiwani speech - 041452.mp3 k095
News Broadcast 4/19/51 64:09 General MacArthur's Farewell address to congress with 20 minutes of various commentary MacArthur-041951-01.mp3 k064
Meet the Press 11/9/75 32:16   Meet_the_Press-Gerald_Ford.mp3 k103
News Broadcast 4/11/51 9:01 Various interviews with congressional members about the Truman/MacArthur issue; from Mutual; Reported by Joe McCaffrey MutualComment-041151.mp3 k066
News Broadcast 2/11/53 6:42 CBS News with Bob Trout reports on Rosenbergs and Korea followed by beginning of DJ show from KOOK News_from_CBS-2-11-53.mp3 k106
News Broadcast 2/13/52 6:51 The end of the Gildersleeve show followed by NBC News excerpt News-NBC-Gildy.mp3 k122
News Broadcast x/x/52 24:55 Nixon makes a campaign speech from Indianapolis, 1952 Nixon-01.mp3 k100
News Broadcast 7/7/52 32:09 Douglas MacArthur's Keynote Address at the Republican Convention 070752 RepubCon-MacArthur-Part1-070752.mp3 k093
News Broadcast 7/7/52 32:05 Douglas MacArthur's Keynote Address at the Republican Convention 070752 RepubCon-MacArthur-Part2-070752.mp3 k094
News Broadcast x/x/48 31:13 Republican Convention 1948-Bob Trout reports with HV Kaltenborn and WW Chaplin, followed by about 20 minutes of a speech by Herbert Hoover RepubConv1948-01.mp3 k062
News Broadcast x/x/52 3:23 Short clip from the end of the first day of the Republican Convention RepubConv1952-01.mp3 k115
News Broadcast 7/8/52 31:30 Repub Convention - speech by Herbert Hoover - part 1 of 2 RepubConv-Hoover-Part1-070852.mp3 k097
News Broadcast 7/8/52 32:14 Repub Convention - speech by Herbert Hoover - part 2 of 2 RepubConv-Hoover-Part2-070852.mp3 k098
News Broadcast 4/11/51 32:08 Boxing match interrupted by Truman's speech relieving MacArthur; followed by news and commentary Truman-041151.mp3 k063
News Broadcast 11/16/53 25:56 Truman's speech (joined in progress) denouncing McCarthyism and defending himself against accusations; followed by Lowell Thomas (partial) Truman-111653.mp3 k067

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