Title Date Running Time Description File Name Reel
Arthur Godfrey Clip x/x/x 7:28 Short Godfrey Clip ArthurGodfrey-xxxxxx-02.mp3 PVVP3
Arthur Godfrey Show 6/23/53 31:47 Robert Q. Lewis subs for Godfrey RobertQLewis-062353-1.mp3 k083
Arthur Godfrey Show 6/23/53 31:42 Robert Q. Lewis subs for Godfrey RobertQLewis-062353-2.mp3 k084
Arthur Godfrey Show 9/25/53 32:20 Robert Q. Lewis subs for Godfrey RobertQLewis-092553.mp3 k085
Arthur Godfrey Show 1/5/53 31:46 Arthur Godfrey Show ArthurGodfrey-010553-1.mp3 k086
Arthur Godfrey Show 9/9/52 31:49 Arthur Godfrey Show ArthurGodfrey090952.mp3 k087
Arthur Godfrey Show 9/x/52 30:42 Arthur Godfrey Show ArthurGodfrey09xx52.mp3 k088
Arthur Godfrey Show x/x/53 32:09 Arthur Godfrey Show ArthurGodfrey-xxxx53-1.mp3 k089
Arthur Godfrey Show   31:51 Arthur Godfrey Show ArthurGodfrey-xxxxxx-01.mp3 k090
Charlie McCarthy Clip   11:36 Skit with Claudet Colbert CharlieMcCarthy-01.mp3 k037
Charlie McCarthy Show and Phillip Morris Playhouse Clips 3/16/52 32:00 A bit of the Charlie McCarthy Show and the Phillip Morris Playhouse McCarthyMorris.mp3 k082
Chase and Sanborn Anniversary Show 11/15/64 64:02 Chase and Sanborn Anniversary Show, Nov or Dec '64 from KGHL ChaseandSanborn100-Fall64.mp3 k080
Cooking at the Coffee Time 2/12/52 16:35 Live show from the Coffee Time Restaurant in Billings. Song, quiz, and salute to the couple in the crowd who have been married the longest, who happens to be John Keefe, Ed's dad. Cookin_at_the_Coffee_Time-02.mp3 k107
Hawaiian Music   25:33 Hawaiian Music HawaiiCalls-01.mp3 k050
Hawaiian Music   28:37 Hawaiian Music HawaiiCalls-02.mp3 k049
Horace Heidt   23:54 Horace Heidt from Des Moines hheidt001-xxxxxx.mp3 k018
Horace Heidt   28:12 Horace Heidt from Ft. Worth hheidt002-xxxxxx.mp3 k019
Horace Heidt x/x/51 24:33 Horace Heidt finals for 1951 hheidt003-finals-xxxx51.mp3 k020
Horace Heidt 9/24/53 28:56 Horace Heidt from Billings - 09-24-53 - from KOOK (CBS) hheidt004-092453.mp3 k021
Horace Heidt   24:52 Horace Heidt from New York hheidt005-xxxxxx.mp3 k022
Horace Heidt x/x/53 22:07 Horace Heidt rebroadcast with Mark Durbin of Billings, followed by interview with family members. Mark Durbin was a neighbor of the gentleman who made this recordings. Click here to see a picture of Mark from the 1953 Billings Senior High yearbook. hheidt006-xxxx53.mp3 k023
It's Fun to Live in America   19:39 The JC Penney Story, from KBMY ItsFunToLiveInAmerica.mp3 k091
Melody Cruise x/x/x 9:00 Several selections from a DJ show Melody_Cruise-01.mp3 k120
Music America Loves Best 7/x/48 10:56 Excerpt with a bit of the show before it. The date is before July 22, 48 which is mentioned as next Thursday Music_America_Loves_Best-07xx48.mp3 k114
People Are Funny Clip x/x/x 4:25 Just the last 4:25 of the show People_Are_Funny-xxxxxx-01.mp3 k134
Perry Como Show Clip   5:21 Clip of the Perry Como show, Christmas 47 or 48 ChesterfieldSupperClub-01.mp3 k048
Sparky and the Talking Train   15:57 Children's Story Sparky_and_the_Talking_Train.mp3 k102
Take a Number clip followed by Kiwani Radio Auction 4/11/53 32:00 Part of quiz show Take a Number followed by Kiwani Radio Auction from 4-11-53 Take_a_Number_-_Kiwani_-_041153.mp3 k079
Torch Hour with Franklyn McCormack   27:19 Franklyn McCormack's all night show from WGN Chicago picked up at the beginning Torch_Hour-Thanksgiving.mp3 k110

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