Title Date Running Time Description File Name Reel
KBMY Clip   9:28 local commercials from KBMY and a little music from records k001-clip1.mp3 k001
Midnight Merry-Go-Round-Music 5/31/48 17:13 Tom Hammon's Midnight Merry-Go-Round-Music from KNX-May 31, 1948, Sponsored by the Kelly Car Company in LA. Includes a short newscast. k002-merrygoround01.mp3 k002
NBC and Local News Clip   4:44 NBC and Local News. Fred Collins for NBC. k003-clip1.mp3 k003
Music Clip   2:36 Vocal duet. Very poor sound quality. k006-clip1.mp3 k006
News Clip   1:45 Billings News and PSAs k006-clip2.mp3 k006
Band Remote Clip   4:12 Band Remote clip featuring Jack Fina k006-JackFina.mp3 k006
News Clip   6:45 News about the Korean War and first 5 minutes of Chicago Theater of the Air k010-clip1.mp3 k010
PSA for CARE   0:31 KBMY PSA for CARE k013-clip1.mp3 k013
Republican Convention Clip   5:07 Clip from the Republican convention '52 with William Shirer k019-repubcon001.mp3 k019
MacArthur's Return   6:07 Awaiting the return of General MacArthur in San Francisco from KCBS. k020-macarthur001.mp3 k020
News Clip   3:35 National News/Commentary k030-clip1.mp3 k030
News Clip   2:00 Partial KBMY news about Truman and MacArthur as possible opponents for the Democratic nomination k033-clip1.mp3 k033
Morton Downey Clip   3:29 End of the Morton Downey Show k042-clip1.mp3 k042
Music Clip   4:42 Unknown music show k042-clip2.mp3 k042
Hawaii Calls Clip   6:22 end of Hawaii Calls followed by a little sports news k054-clip1.mp3 k054
Commercial   1:20 Short promo for Keefe Auto on KBMY after the start of the Indy 500 k055-clip1.mp3 k055
Big Band Remote   1:01 End of band remote from the Elmo Club followed by a commercial for "Where There's Life," a movie starring Bob Hope k056-clip1.mp3 k056
Commercial Clips   2:41 From KGHL, a Western Auto Commercial and the opening to Holywood Star Preview with Jane Darnell k056-clip2.mp3 k056
Coffee Time Clip   3:35 Excerpt from show at the Coffee Time restuarant in Billings k095-clip1.mp3 k095
Boxing Clip   2:23 End of Wednesday night fights includes PBR commercial k128-clip01.mp3 k128
Melody Cruise Clip   9:00 Hawaiian music Melody_Cruise-01.mp3 k128
Skinny Inness Clip   9:01 Band Remote-very poor quality SkinnyInness.mp3 k102
Peter and the Wolf   13:26 A musical story Peter_and_the_Wolf.mp3 k128

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