Before the days of deregulated radio airwaves, stations carried religious programming as a public service. In Billings, Montana, the First Congregationalist Church could be heard on KBLG or KBMY and featured the sermons of the Rev. T. F. Rutledge Beale. These weekly addresses were heard in the late-forties and early fifties along with selections from the choir. They were carried locally over KGHL or KBMY. Services were held at 11 am, Sunday mornings.

From the church's historical society:

"Reverend Dr. T. F. Rutledge Beale, pastor from 1944 to 1959, was born in 1890 in London, England. He graduated from the Yale Divinity School and was ordained in the Disciples of Christ denomination in 1914. He held pastorates in both the United States and Canada. During this time the congregation experienced rapid growth along with the city of Billings due to the oil boom. The new Christian Education wing of the church was added in 1950 and the new sanctuary, offices, and assembly rooms were completed for the 75th anniversary of the church in 1957. Special recognition must be given to Vivian, his wife, who was an active participant in all phases of the life of the First Church during her husband's ministry. Dr. Beale retired in 1959, but served a number of other churches as interim pastor during the next six years. He was made Pastor Emeritus of First Church and died at the age of 80 in 1970 in Sun City, California."

Title Date Running Time Description File Name Reel
Sermon by Rev. Beale x/x/x 27:10 Reformation Sunday 01-Beale-Reformation Sunday-xxxxxx.mp3 k123
Sermon by Rev. Beale 12/24/50 26:42 Christmas Serman 02-Beale-Christmas-122450.mp3 k124
Sermon by Rev. Beale 4/10/49 12:37 Introducing You 03-Beale-Introducing You-041049.mp3 k125
Sermon by Rev. Beale x/x/x 31:50 Truth 04-Beale-Truth-xxxxxx.mp3 k126
Sermon by Rev. Beale x/x/x 12:03 You and Life 05-Beale-You and Life-xxxxxx.mp3 k127
Sermon by Rev. Beale x/x/x 23:43 Youth and Today 06-Beale-Youth and Today-xxxxxx.mp3 k128
Sermon by Rev. Beale 2/14/54 27:37 Is This an Imperfect World? 07-Beale-Is This an Imperfect World-021454.mp3 k129
Sermon by Rev. Beale 2/21/54 20:26 The True Church 08-Beale-The True Church-022154.mp3 k130
Sermon by Rev. Beale 2/28/54 31:04 Security 09-Beale-Security-022854.mp3 k131
Sermon by Rev. Beale 10/31/48 28:00 Reformation Sunday 10-Beale-Reformation Sunday-103148.mp3 k132
Sermon by Rev. Beale 11/14/54 24:47 Necessary Evil 11-Beale-Necessary Evil-111454.mp3 k133

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