Title Date Running Time Description File Name Reel
Baseball x/x/52 4:42 Clip of minor league baseball; Billings vs. Ogden Baseball-Billings-01.mp3 k113
Basketball x/x/48 7:15 Billings Senior High vs Anaconda in Basketball
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k041-clip1.mp3 k041
Boxing 3/26/52 25:15 Chuck Davey vs. Ike Williams, from Chicago DaveyWilliams-032652.mp3 k070
Boxing 9/27/50 32:29 Joe Louis vs. Ezzard Charles. Joined in the 9th and complete through the 15th and post-fight interviews LouisCharles-092750.mp3 k109
Boxing 6/25/48 55:49 Joe Louis fights Walcott LouisWalcott-062548.mp3 k068
Boxing 2/23/51 16:31 Joe Louis v. Andy Walker; rounds 4 through 7 LouisWalker-022351.mp3 k119
Boxing 6/20/60 26:41 Patterson vs. Johannson followed by comments from Rocky Marciano. (First minute grafted on from another recording.) Patterson-Johannson-062060.mp3 k071
Boxing 10/21/53 32:08 Randy Turpin v. Bobo Olsen; joined in progress during Round 9 and complete to end of the 15th TurpinOlsen102153.mp3 k072
Boxing 4/11/51 10:44 The beginning of the boxing match that is preemted by Trumans speech (which is in the News Collection) WilliamsPrudin-041151.mp3 k066
Boxing 6/10/48 28:58 Mel Allen announces Tony Zales v. Rocky Graziano from Newark ZalesGraziano061048.mp3 k073
Breakfast at the Northern   9:24 Interview with basketball coach Len Markowitz Breakfast_at_the_Northern.mp3 k104
Football   19:23 Football- Maryland vs. Oklahoma State. Possibly from 1953 Football-MarylandOKState.mp3 k101
Football 1/1/48 3:37 Cottonbowl 1948. SMU v Penn State k032-clip1.mp3 k032
Football   2:53 Football - Billings vs. Flathead Braves k053-clip1.mp3 k053
Football   2:49 football-Navy vs. Georgia Tech-short clip k061-clip1.mp3 k061
Football   7:01 Senior High Football vs. Kalispell k100-clip1.mp3 k100
Football 1/1/53 30:12 1953 Rose Bowl: USC v Wisconsin, Part 1 of 4 Rose_Bowl-010153-Part1of4.mp3 k075
Football 1/1/53 32:00 1953 Rose Bowl: USC v Wisconsin, Part 2 of 4 Rose_Bowl-010153-Part2of4.mp3 k076
Football 1/1/53 32:00 1953 Rose Bowl: USC v Wisconsin, Part 3 of 4 Rose_Bowl-010153-Part3of4.mp3 k077
Football 1/1/53 18:02 1953 Rose Bowl: USC v Wisconsin, Part 4 of 4 Rose_Bowl-010153-Part4of4.mp3 k078
Indy 500 5/30/50 18:10 Joins the Indy 500 in the first lap for about 15 minutes. Then on to a few minutes of the Coffee Club on KBMY. indy500-053050.mp3 k111
Indy 500 5/30/49 30:27 First 30 minutes of the Indy 500 indy500-xxxx49.mp3 k074

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