The Reel-to-Reel Page

This is a work in progress. Check back for further developments.

Still Images
Reel-to-Reels that I've had the pleasure to know

1Picture of Akai 202D-SS Surround Sound Tape Deck
2Picture of Akai GX-260D Tape Deck
3Picture of Tandberg TD20A Tape Deck
4Picture of Panasonic RS-760S Tape Recorder
5Picture of Webster Chicago Model 80 Wire Recorder
612 pictures of my Brush Soundmirror Model BK 401 Tape Recorder
7Picture of RCA Model SRT-403 Tape Recorder


1Animated Akai 202D-SS. This is an AVI file and is 342K in size. Play it with your Windows Media Player. Handy to see when playing an MP3 file.
2Animated Akai 202D-SS. This is a slightly smaller version of the above file. This one is 243K.
3Animated Akai 202D-SS. This is an animated GIF of the same file. 193K.

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