OTR Travel Sites

On this page we will collect and list locations worth visiting that are in some way related to the history of radio broadcasting. These locations may or may not have something to see when you get there, but to those interested in this topic it is sometimes just fun to stand in a spot of historical significance.

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Museum of Broadcast Communications
Museum of Radio and Technology
Naval Air Station Lakehurst, New Jersey
Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut
Museum of Television and Radio
Museum of Television and Radio
New England Wireless and Steam Museum
Radio History Museum
Bellingham Antique Radio Museum
The Gene Autry Oklahoma Museum
San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
Hammond Museum of Radio
Martian Landing Site
Jot'em Down Store and Museum
CBS Radio's former headquarters buildings
Crosley Square
WLW Transmitter Site
WSM, Nashville Studios (demolished)
WSM's Transmitter
Hotel McAlpin
Home of WOR-AM
Hawley Building, Former longtime home of WWVA
Ryman Auditorium
CBS Headquarters
WLW Moon River Organ
Sam Spade's Office
Shuller's Wigwam Restaurant
The Fairmont Hotel
The Palace Hotel
There is another Museum of Broadcasting in Texas!!
Virginia City Radio Museum
Jack Benny Middle School
Hotel Allerton
WWVA Transmitter Site
First commercial wireless service - Radio Corp. of America
Marconi's first wireless site
Columbia Square
Avalon Ballroom Casino
Pavek Museum of Broadcasting