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Community 7 Old Time Radio Comes to Television  
If you are in the service area of Bresnan Cable (Billings, Montana), tune in to "Watching the Radio" on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. on Community Access, Channel 7. Every week you will be treated to a 30 minute radio program originally broadcast during radio's Golden Age of the 1930s through the 1960s.

Why play radio on television?

TruetoneBack in the days before television, people did many things while listing to their radios, just as they do today. However, the one activity that many remember from those days is looking at the beautiful old radio while the pictures in their minds took them through the worlds of comedy, drama, and variety.

As most of us don't have an old radio to look at, let alone receive programs through, "Watching the Radio" gives viewers/listeners the chance to experience that pastime of listening to radio programs while looking at the old radio.

Special Note to OTR Collectors

The Old Time Radio programs presented here have been digitally edited to fit into the television time slot available. This may include the removal of original material and the adjustment of the play-time tempo. While this should not detract from your listening enjoyment, the programs should not be redistributed in this edited form.

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