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2020-12-23 2020 73

[removed] Digest V2020 #73
Subject: [removed] Digest V2020 #73
From: [removed]@[removed]
Date: 12/23/2020 10:18 AM
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                            The Old-Time Radio Digest!
                              Volume 2020 : Issue 73
                         A Part of the [removed]!
                                 ISSN: 1533-9289

                                 Today's Topics:

  RE: read vs. acted etc.               [ <rmcblc@[removed]; ]
  YUSA kick starter ends this weekend   [ "Walden Hughes" <waldenhughes@yeste ]


Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2020 10:41:13 -0600
From: <rmcblc@[removed];
To: <[removed]@[removed];
Subject: RE: read vs. acted etc.

The discussion re Lionel Barrymore acting so many times in "A Christmas
Carol" vs. reading it, brings to mind listening back in the 1960s to the =
on shortwave and the newscasts introduced something like: "And now the
latest news bulletins read by J. Clyde Smithington." No telegraph key, =
Teletype sound, no newsreel music. Just someone reading the news ... not
unlike Ed Murrow and Lowell Thomas -- sans any "actualities" =
to TV folk). Not boring at all, but authoritative ... except the
every-once-in-awhile fluff by Thomas, from which he had a hard time

I swore off watching evening TV network news on July 4th 2018, when I =
CBS anchor Jeff Glor utter "wow" after a video. As of the week before =
Thanksgiving, I also stopped watching local TV news -- which I should =
done earlier, too, because it is so clich=E9-ridden, both verbally and
visually. I hope to never hear another newsperson say, "We reached out =
..." instead of "We contacted" or "We asked." Nor will I watch another
reporter wade into flood waters, or pick up a handful of snow to show me
what snow looks like, or turn to look at the scene behind him.

Ah, the good old radio with its once 15-minutes news stories READ to us!

For your end-of-the-year viewing, I suggest "Radio Days," since the =
ends with a New Year's celebration.

Bob Cockrum
Temple, Texas


Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2020 10:01:43 -0800
From: "Walden Hughes" <waldenhughes@[removed];
To: <[removed]@[removed];
Subject: YUSA kick starter ends this weekend

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Hi Everybody,


The Yesterday YUSA kick starter ends this weekend.    Take care,





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