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2020-12-28 2020 75

[removed] Digest V2020 #75
Subject: [removed] Digest V2020 #75
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Date: 12/28/2020 4:18 PM
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                            The Old-Time Radio Digest!
                              Volume 2020 : Issue 75
                         A Part of the [removed]!
                                 ISSN: 1533-9289

                                 Today's Topics:

  Finding A Date For Ralphie            [ <skallisjr@[removed]; ]


Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2020 18:01:03 -0500
From: <skallisjr@[removed];
To: [removed]@[removed]
Subject: Finding A Date For Ralphie

An interesting point on the movie, /A Christmas Story/.  One of the to
things that Ralphie really yearns for is a Little Orphan Annie Decoder.  
He manages to get one, finally, and deciphers a message that was
broadcast from the  /Little Orphan Annie/ radio program.
By this time, not only is much of Old-Time Radio unknown by many, but
neither is Little Orphan Annie.
In the movie, Ralphie deciphers a message that turns out to be a "lousy
commercial," the sort of message that was never broadcast.  
What's interesting is that the "decoder" appeared genuine, though I
understand that it was a somewhat oversized replica.  What's noteworthy
is that the "Decoder" was presented as the Radio Orphan Annie Secret
Society Speedomatic Decoder Pin.  
That particular premium allows us to determine the supposed time that the
movie was supposed to be taking place. That premium was the "decoder" for
the season that tan from the Autumn of 1939 to the Spring of 1940 --  the
last season that Ovaltine sponsored the radio adventure serial.  (A minor
point: the letter and number scales on the "Decoder" were at its outer
edge.  The way Ralphie was holding and jiggling it, he never could have
deciphered the message.)
That at least establishes the time period that the movie was supposed to
have taken place.

Stephen A. Kallis, Jr.

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