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Reel 099

There are several interesting converstions on this reel having to do with what sounds like setting up a local chapter of the militia group, the Minutemen.  This was recorded in August 1966 at the Barber Shop in Billings, Montana.


Reel 009

Good local news and then Listener Excange which is like classified ads on the radio.


Reel 008

Some live singing from September 16, 1959.

A political speech about Yellowtail Dam.

AFL-CIO 3rd convention keynote speech 1957 - Keynote speech by George Meany to the 1957 American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations convention.


Reel 004

Willard Fraser for Billings Mayor advertisement.


Reel 003

There is a nice long KURL aircheck from Febuary 3, 1963. There is also a nice long Barber Shop Talk;